The last decade has been a rapid growth in the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to predict and visualize scientific phenomena. It permits a new approach to the solution of problems  that were previously inaccessible. It has presented industry with a new opportunity to improve operational efficiency, safety and productivity. In particular  (CFD) has been extremely successful in shortening the design cycles in the automotive and aerospace industry.


Experience reveals that, in the industrial context at least, CFD is a difficult technology to apply successfully. The practitioner must be highly skilled and knowledgeable in order to set up and/or select model inputs appropriately, and then to be in a position to interpret the results reliably against design or assessment requirements. A degree of uncertainty tends to prevail even in the hands of an expert. In short, the practice of CFD must be viewed as a knowledge-based activity.


Our research team can meet the demands for high-end computational experts who have interdisciplinary skills and sound background in mathematics, computer science and mechanics, people who are confident in developing a product from model to reality on a computer. Our main goals are: 1) To introduce CFD technology at low cost for small businesses 2) To assess your problem and determine appropriate numerical techniques, cost quote, and necessary simulation time free of charge. 3) To examine your problem and make recommendations on which commercial or in-house CFD code will work best with you. The commercial codes that we have direct experience with are Fluent, CFX-5 and Star-CD.



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